Getting Started with Taxes

You have been doing your own taxes for years and suddenly your tax situation is more complicated. Or you just moved out on your own and you finally have to start doing your own taxes. Or you are now earning income and realized that you can file for a refund. How do you get started?

  1. Give us a call at 281-809-0125 and speak with Jonathan, our CPA, to see if we are accepting new tax clients.

  2. Have a copy of your prior year return on hand. We will need to know how many schedules you have, on average, each year (ie - Sch A, B, C, etc).

  3. Be prepared to answer tax questions such as "Are you self-employed? Do you have any investments? Have you had any major life changes? or Did you make any estimated payments?"

  4. Fill out the Tax Questionnaire sent by our Tax CPA. Do not skip any relevant questions (especially not DOB and SSN for all family members, and email address for taxpayers). This is how we know which support you need to provide.

  5. Sign the engagement letter and return it to us with your tax support.

  6. Gather all of your tax support and paperwork. Prior Year Return. W-2s, Anything that says 1099; Anything related to Mortgages, Health Insurance or Investments; Details on Charitable donations, Major purchases or Major medical expenses. Do not provide receipts. We will charge by the minute to add up a box of support.

  7. Children will require Birth Certificates, Proof of Residency, and Adoption Papers if applicable, in order to claim a Child Tax Credit.

  8. If you are claiming Head of Household for the tax year, you now must pass the Support Test and the Qualifying Dependent Test. Please prepare to provide proof that the child lived with you over half the year and you pay for more than half the cost of keeping up the home.

  9. If you made estimated payments, provide a copy of the receipt or check. If you received any refunds, deductions or exclusions, please provide support. If you can't find your support, we will have you fill out a Power of Attorney for the IRS to tell us what was paid on your account.

  10. Decide if you get a refund, how you want it applied. Do you want a check in the mail, direct deposit to your bank or apply it to next year's estimated taxes? A copy of a voided check is required for direct deposit.

  11. Decide if you want to scan and send it to us (secure cloud server or email) or if you prefer to bring all the papers to us.

  12. Decide if you need to schedule an appointment with our Tax CPA to discuss your tax situation, or if you are comfortable just giving us your tax paperwork and letting us work our magic on your return.

  13. Keep in constant contact with us until April 15 (or your due date depending on the return type). The speed at which we can complete your return is 100% dependent on how quickly you respond to our requests for more information.

  14. Be ready to pay your invoice immediately. We accept checks, or cards online. A delay in payment will mean a delay in e-filing.